Deep Learning Tool Kit (DLTK) is an AI Open Source Initiative by Qubit AI, where we render AI solutions to data scientists.
The Deep Learning Tool Kit is for anyone who would like to perform quintessential AI & ML tasks. Data scientists can work quicker and more efficiently on projects with the use of our inbuilt optimized platform.
Enterprises utilize DLTK on various verticles such as financial services, retail, media & entertainment, healthcare, and solve a plethora of business problems.
DLTK facilitates in rendering a broad spectrum of solutions and services in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, NLP, Business Intelligence, IoT and Blockchain.
To know more on DLTK’s inherent use cases, please follow this link: https://dltk.ai/use_case
DLTK Machine Learning API provides Regression, Classification, Clustering, Feedback and a host of other features to come.
DLTK Natural Language Processing (NLP) API provides Sentiment Analysis, NER Tagger, POS Tagger, Dependency Parser, Sarcasm detection, Cyberbullying detection, Text summarization, Text generation, Tags recommendation and a host of other features to come.
To know how to apply a NLP model, please refer to the read me file link: https://github.com/dltk-ai/Natural-Language-Processing/blob/master/README.md
To know how to apply a ML model, please refer to the read me file link: https://github.com/dltk-ai/Machine-Learning/blob/master/README.md
DLTK has Python as SDK and Java as SDK service. Please refer https://github.com/dltk-ai
You can reach our support team at supdltk@qubitai.tech
On DLTK, we use the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (version 3). GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) is a free-software license published by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Please refer to the read me file link: https://github.com/dltk-ai/Computer-Vision/blob/master/license.txt