Levels of Accomplishments

A successful system of progressive and steady cadence in data science
know-how and you will be raring to become a Legend or perhaps even an Architect.

Achievement Ranks

With each accomplished level, you will progress and achieve merit badges
congruent with the quality and quantity of work you deliver.
You would also be accredited with certifications for the top five levels.


You become a Member right at the onset when you register on DLTK.

Community Member

As a registered member, once you follow on any of DLTK’s platforms, you transition into a Community Member. Here is the list of platforms you can follow
DLTK on:
1) Telegram 2) WhatsApp 3) Gitter 4) Facebook Group 5) LinkedIn Group 6) Stack overflow 7) GitHub Issues Page

Validity – You remain a Community Member until you follow us on any of the platforms.


To become an ambassador, you would have to indulge in a few promotional activities. Show your support for the DLTK Opensource platform by posting on
FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. To sweeten your experience, you will receive a T-Shirt you can sport and merit an Ambassador Badge.

Validity – To be specified during enrollment (or till they graduate)

Sample Certificate for Ambassador
Sample Certificate


To become a practitioner, you must resolve at least five issues and/or make at least one-use case per month (approx. 40 hrs of work), for three months
back to back on the DLTK platform.
You will be awarded a Practitioner certificate and merit a Practitioner badge.

Validity – You remain a Practitioner for a period of three months.

Sample Certificate


A Contributor is one who documents, designs, develops and maintains a use case regularly (working in tandem with DLTK team) and solve it using the DLTK
platform. You will be awarded a Contributor certificate and merit a Contributor badge.

Validity – You will remain a Contributor until you maintain the use case.

Sample Certificate


“A Champion earns his crown by overcoming his hurdles.” Once you have committed the code on the repository for an upgrade, delivered significant
improvements and made critical bug fixes, you will be called ‘The Champ’!
You will be awarded a Champion certificate and merit a Champion badge.

Validity – You will remain a Champion for a period of six months.

Sample Certificate


A Legend is someone who will remain etched in people’s memories forever. You will be a Legend, when you define a new problem statement for the future
work repository, contribute a unique dataset (plagiarism-free of course!), perform peer code reviews and present a whitepaper for the DLTK journal.
You will be awarded a Legend certificate and merit a Legend badge.

Validity – You will remain a Legend for a period of twelve months.

Sample Certificate


An Architect is the best of the best, the paramount, DLTK’s top honour! An Architect is one who is consistent in exhibiting exceptional accomplishments and
performs both, the role of a Champion and the Legend.
You will be honoured with an Architect certificate and merit an Architect badge.

Validity – You will remain an Architect for a period of twelve months.

Sample Certificate