Smart Camera


Anyone, anywhere around the world can shoot images at any given time. With the rise of Mobile Photography, you are able to instantly share your images. This has resulted in the rise of many photo editor application. But all the photo editor applications normally offer the same features and people start to shift from one application to another in search of find something different and complete. Smart Camera is an app that not only acts as a photo editor but launches a whole new set of features wherein you not only detect faces but edit and add new features.

Face detection is an application that helps you to detect and locate human faces within an image. With Smart Camera, you can detect the number of people present in a photo and you can change particular face features as well.

Our Approach

To solve the problem, we use Let’s see how DLTK works:

  • Smart Camera app uses Computer Vision for face detection and for providing all the features.

  • The Computer Vision interacts with the storage and performs the ML operations and directly gives us the output.

  • Users directly interact with Computer Vision through SDK, API and using DLTK interface.

Project Creation

To solve the problem, we use Let’s see how DLTK works:

In Console, we can build model as follows:

  • Using SDK (For Developer)

Using SDKs

If you want to develop a model using SDK, just copy the API key from DLTK Console.

To install python SDK, use following command:

pip install dltk_ai

Connect to DLTK - Console


You can access the services provided by enabling API for Computer Vision. DLTK provides DltkClient where you have to pass your API KEY as an argument. We can detect the faces in an image by passing the image path in face_detection_image where the image path is the argument.

import dltk_ai
c = dltk_ai.DltkAiClient("YOUR API KEY")

Face Detection


The Computer Vision’s face detection APIs identifies the faces and returns the image with detected faces.


import dltk_ai
c = dltk_ai.DltkAiClient("YOUR API KEY")

Face Detection JSON


The Computer Vision’s face detection APIs also gives exact co-ordinates of all detected faces as a JSON format.


response = c.face_detection_json('path/to/image')
 'x': 230,
 'y': 290,
  'width': 90,
  'height': 90,
  'ratio': 0


  • Smart Camera is just a small application of Computer Vision. We can extend the use case by using it to find the number of people in a particular store or area. We can also use this to perceive the stores’ highest and lowest footfall, thereby assisting in managing resources as per shifts and identify places where there can be a bottleneck.

  • We can also use it in marketing and advertising by finding which is the best way to market or advertise a product as we are willing to have the knowledge where we can find large crowds and at what time.